“Wine and Lies” released on Fat & Bulbous Records


“Wine and Lies” released on Fat & Bulbous Records

East Anglia based, The Malingerers, release their upcoming second album Wine & Lies’ on Fat & Bulbous Records on 4th March 2016. The seven-track LP continues to somehow blend vintage, dust bowl era Americana seamlessly with British Folk and as usual taking in more than a sprinkling of early Jazz and Blues influences.

Whilst the band have clearly been heavily influenced by the music from the other side of the pond, the songs and lyrics all draw on their own personal experiences, history and of course a liberal helping of British cynicism. One such example of this is the track “Forever a Boy from Fermoy” which reflects upon singer Kevin Murphy’s grandfather’s search for a better life in London after leaving the town and country he never stopped loving, Fermoy in County Cork, Ireland. This track received much critical acclaim and won the Cork Folk Festival contemporary song writing competition in October 2014.

In order to give the album a more vintage feel, the band once again opted to record at the all analogue Gizzard Studios in London. The songs were recorded live in single takes (including vocals) straight to 2” tape, like they used to in the good old days, giving the album a lovely, punchy, raw, authentic sound which is so often missing in this digital age.

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