Cambridge Folk Club

We host Open Stage nights, Showcase nights and Guest nights.
All our performances begin at 8.00pm. PA is provided and the venue is seated.

See our Open Stage page for details of Open Stage nights.

Our Showcase nights feature three acts, each one having a 45 min set
Performers are often chosen from the Open Stage ‘headline’ acts.
Sets can also be taken up by artists already on the circuit.
Some acts that we have showcased, such as Two Coats Colder and Namara have gone on to secure festival bookings.

Our Guest nights promote the music of a range of nationally recognised artists
Support slots are often taken by our grass roots performers, who have progressed from our Open Stage nights or Showcase nights.

In addition to our regular Friday nights, we also organise ‘special concerts’
and run events jointly with other musical organisations in Cambridge.
One of The Club’s special concerts this year was a Steve Knightley ‘grow your own gig’.

In co-operation with Cambridge City Council, we organise the Friday night Club tent at the annual Cambridge Folk Festival.
This evening features local and national performers as well as having a number of slots for site performers.

Booking your ticket
You can book on line at this website, or by phone on 01638 603986. We offer a lower priced ticket for those who book in advance. Although tickets are available on the door, we recommend that for guest nights, you buy your ticket in advance. The vast majority of our nights are seated, but please let us know if you would like to be seated, for our ‘big name’ nights. Please let us know if you are a ‘conc’; this includes those of a certain age, full time students and those claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance.

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