Breaking news: The Malingerers will be playing the Cambridge Folk festival representing St Neots Folk Club – on Saturday July 29th 2017


Cambridge Folk Festival, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, is one of the premier music events in Europe and one of the longest running and most famous folk festivals in the world. Held each year since 1965 in the beautiful setting of Cherry Hinton Hall, it attracts around fourteen thousand people, many of whom return year after year.


Alabama 3 support The Malingerers

Heeding Woodie Guthrie’s maxim, Alabama 3 have never feared the reduction of their technology. Consequently, Alabama 3 acoustic is brave enough to go out on the road armed only with a battered acoustic guitar and harmonica, preaching Guthrie’s word that ‘this machine kills fascists.’
In homage to the classic delta blues slide players like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and their own Rockfree Bass, they present their narco-acoustic slant on Alabama 3 and the music that has inspired us along the way.

Rock Freebase:
“I’ve developed a style of guitar, that combines elements of both MacDowell and White, with a hint of banjo picking, and tried to give it a more modern, urban twist.”
Complete with Larry Love’s gravelly ash-stained vocals and Nick Reynolds bank robber melodies on harmonica, they provide a raucous show, which is in no way constrained by the boring maxim that often goes with acoustic gigs!

February 2011 saw the release of the acoustic album ‘There will be peace in the valley…when we get the keys to the mansion on the hill’.

A new departure for Alabama 3, this marked the ‘Alabama 3 Acoustic and Unplugged’ outfit, making their first foray into the recording studio, with new and original material.

Alabama 3 Acoustic and Unplugged played by special invitation of the governor of Brixton Prison, for the charity ‘Jail Guitar Doors’. The following is an extract from Duncan Campbell’s article that appeared in ‘The Guardian’ Saturday March 22, 2008:

‘It was the only gig in town where you had to be on the guest list to get out rather than in. And while the chapel at HMP Brixton, South London, may not have quite the capacity of the Albert Hall or the cachet of Koko, this week it hosted one of those shows likely to be remembered by every one of its extremely select audience.’

An unrivaled Marxist machine gun, Alabama 3 Acoustic are always on a mission to get you mashed.

Doors 8.30pm

Tickets – £25 + booking fee (WeGotTickets) –


“Wine and Lies” released on Fat & Bulbous Records

East Anglia based, The Malingerers, release their upcoming second album Wine & Lies’ on Fat & Bulbous Records on 4th March 2016. The seven-track LP continues to somehow blend vintage, dust bowl era Americana seamlessly with British Folk and as usual taking in more than a sprinkling of early Jazz and Blues influences.

Whilst the band have clearly been heavily influenced by the music from the other side of the pond, the songs and lyrics all draw on their own personal experiences, history and of course a liberal helping of British cynicism. One such example of this is the track “Forever a Boy from Fermoy” which reflects upon singer Kevin Murphy’s grandfather’s search for a better life in London after leaving the town and country he never stopped loving, Fermoy in County Cork, Ireland. This track received much critical acclaim and won the Cork Folk Festival contemporary song writing competition in October 2014.

In order to give the album a more vintage feel, the band once again opted to record at the all analogue Gizzard Studios in London. The songs were recorded live in single takes (including vocals) straight to 2” tape, like they used to in the good old days, giving the album a lovely, punchy, raw, authentic sound which is so often missing in this digital age.

The line up of the band consists of:

Kevin Murphy • Vocals and Main Guitars
Craig Murphy • Harmonica, Guitar and Backing Vocals
Andy Donovan • Double Bass and Backing Vocals
Tim Palmer • Violin and Backing Vocals
John Moseley • Drums

Americana UK Review – A melting pot of blues, jazz and country folk. 7/10

The Malingers have managed to fuse a myriad of styles into their new mini album “Wine & Lies” including blues, Django Reinhardt style jazz, Americana and folk. Jack of all trades and master of none? Certainly not when it comes to this East Anglian band. “Wine & Lies” has a rare beatnik pulse to it that drives the collection of seven songs to an early conclusion leaving the listener wanting just a little more. Recorded at Gizzard Studio in London (fast becoming the go to place for many musicians), “Wine & Lies” has stories sung by great characterful voices and jive by the bucket load, this is a great album to swing by.

Matthew Boulter

R2 Rock-n-reel Review
The Malingerers R2 review_0001

I was predisposed to like this record. ‘Malingering’, along with ‘profligate’ and ‘defenestration’, are my three favourite words. But theres no evidence of malingering on this record. In fact, it struts along with an insistent beat and the band demonstrates a consummate skill with predominantly Good-Time songs tempered by the
occasional melancholy ballad. The sound is an East Anglian take on various folk and Americana styles: like the sound of a barrelhouse bar lost in the heart of rolling English countryside.

‘ForeverA Boy From Fermoy’ launches the band into an Irish mood as Kevin Murphy explores his grandfather’s migration from County Cork to London in search of work. The template for the remainder of the album treads a path between music hall, skittle and American folk but with a decidedly English slant.

‘Evangeline’ is driven by Tim Palmer’s lovelorn fiddle. ‘Wine And Lies could be a Graham Parker ballad about lost opportunities: ‘One more drink is all I need/Give me courage before l leave.’ ‘Invisible Man’ leads with Craig Murphys bluesy harmonica before developing into an uplifting song about the redemptive power of love.

Peter Tomkins